The Exciting varieties in Online Poker games

Poker is a recreational game of cards. However, there are many individuals who take consider the game on a professional platform. In modern times the game of poker involves blind betting at the very beginning of the game. Even recreation of sorts is now available online. So is Agen Poker Online, ready at your disposal. With the victorious shift of the Friendster presence in the social media platform of Facebook, the poker game has achieved immediate fame in the online business of betting. This has invited many young applicants to become enthusiasts in this game.

Poker, as a tree of card games, has different branches and a lot of variants. The first vision that any poker player would get on their mind would be that of Texas Hold’em since it is considered to be the very first and is currently on the highest pedestal of popularity. However, the other varieties in the game are also noteworthy such as Five Card Draw, Omaha, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Razz Poker etc. Some of the variants are as follows:

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker has a sticking semblance with the game of Blackjack. This variant of poker is typically played on cruises; however, there are many casinos in the online platform that offer Caribbean Stud Poker as a poker variant. This variant of poker is not unanimously preferred as its pace is slow in comparison to the other types. The Caribbean Stud Poker involves something called the ‘progressive jackpot” and people mainly play to attain it.

Texas Hold’em

Among frequent players, the most popular poker type of the age that is Texas Hold’em is widely famous as Hold’em. In the online poker game business, this is more widely played than any other variant. This type is available on Agen Poker Online. The game generally is played using either money or chips of the opponent that the player has to compete against. The pool in which the opponent gives his money is known as the ‘pot’. This variant comprises of a maximum of nine hands.

Mixed Game format

The name itself speaks loud and clear. This form allows the player to play a huge variety of poker games at once without even having to alter tables. There are different categories that are offered to avail the mixed game type, i.e. HA which is an amalgamation of Omaha Hi and Hold’em or HORSE which is the mixture of around 4 kinds namely, Razz, Stud Hi, Ohama Lo and Hold’em.

Seven Card Stud

This variant is very popular among home players. In this kind, the game begins with a blind bet. It normally involves eight hands and is played in a maximum of five rounds. The betting pattern is clockwise.

Speed Poker

The speed Poker is that variant of online poker that is played in the format of a tournament. It involves the primary use of variants like Omaha and Hold’em. The game paces up real fast but, the basic rules remain unaltered.

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