Versions of Book of RA

Everything is digital today like music, games, shopping, and sports and etc. There are large numbers of online sites available for each type of entertaining element. Go to Google and search for any item that you want. You will get number of results. As Lacs of online sites are available on Google that provide you a platform to play game. You can play many online games without any cost and for playing some games you have to pay some amount of money as decided by their host company. Book of RA Deluxe is one of the best entertaining games which you can play online.

This is one of most famous and popular entertaining casino game. Best thing about this casino game is that it helps you to introduce to the mysterious world of ancient Egypt. In this game, you have to look for any kind of book and you will get lots of wealth. You will also get bonus point if you have a empty spin and increase your wealth score. Two versions are available for Book of RA casino games which are: Book of RA classic version and another is Book of RA deluxe version. Versions of Books are launched by Novoline and Gaminator Group. You will get all advanced features in this online game like oriental sound effects, authentic vibe and create difficult levels while playing for a player.


There is only small difference between the different versions of Book of RA. Classic version of Book of RA has 5 reels and 9 paylines while another version deluxe includes 5 reels and 10 lines. Book symbol in this game serves as a “joker symbol” and also “bonus symbol”. But you will get bonus if book is added in any of paylines. For getting bonus point, you must have to remove book symbol from the paylines. For playing this game, you do not have any need to download any software you can play this game in any advanced browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome.

While playing this game, player feels lot of pleasure. But, in many countries this Book of RA game is played for getting money and player had to pay some amount of money to their casino owner. Main goal of this game is to with slot machines of same type so that you may collect all equal symbols from left to right and add a point in the winning line.

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