The QQ sites – An Introduction

Poker is the game which came into existence many years back and is said to have the origin from Indonesia and also from china. There used to be poker places and areas where people who are interested in the game used to sit or gather together and play the game. Booking the table is main thing in poker and it is not easy to play or book multiple tables at a time.

As the advancement in technology lead to existence of many online poker sites where you can play poker and earn money in very less time. Developers had developed and created many applications and software for this poker. It is gaining popularity, but few countries kept restrictions to play this game and it is also illegal to play the game even online.

What is QQ

The situs qq means qq sites which is websites which offer the game poker. These websites are designed in such a way that there are graphics and sound effects which will attract the of the strongest hands in the game of poker is QQ. Along with that even JJ and AK are also considered as the strongest hands. These are valuable but often these are not recognised and realised the value of these hands. Many people or the players do not exactly know how to utilise them or play them in the proper or the correct way. Being straightforward is the main strategy for the play and playing these hands. If you want success in the game, there is no genius knowledge required but logic and tricks or strategies need to be understood properly. Main importance is given to the emotional feelings. Volatile valuations are there for these hands. The best hand before the flop is QQ and it is busted post flop.


This game is played with twenty-eight double six dominoes and this is called as a set. They take the small card form in Indonesia and they are been discarded after some or few games. Players will be given a pot where they need to deposit some fixed amount and that is called as ante. They the dealing with three cards starts in the game. These cards are called as the domino cards with varying symbol and colour. The player in the game will get their turn or fit and they may either bet, this is the case or circumstance where there is no bettor previously or they can also call, this is the case where there exists a previous bettor. Or they can also fold.

This is how the game is played by the skilful players as well as the amateurs or beginners and find lot of fun and entertainment. Then let us begin! Start the game with enthusiasm and win the bets.