Indications of choosing wrong poker room

It is always said and recommended that you must chose a trustworthy online casino for you to play on, still there are people who end up getting trapped in a fake site which makes you lose enough of your time, money, effort and interest in an online gaming portal. When you feel or observe that the games are not ending up on a positive way, then you must hop to another site and it is recommended to go for bola putar which will help you giving a chance to win the game and retain the interest in gaming. There are many indications that will tell you that you are on a wrong site and must look for some other site.

  1. Not many games: A genuine website like bola putar gives you enough games though out the day because there are players who play the game worldwide, so there may be a possibility that it is night in your country however the other player might have a day time.So, an in genuine site offers limited games that too time bound.
  2. Very less or No payouts: If the website is not genuine they will either let you lose the game always or will not payout your winning amount, no matter whatever promises they might have done at the time of registrations. Once you create a bankroll their aim become to take all your bankroll by making you lose the game.
  3. Not winning the game. This is one of the most common traits for knowing that you are trapped on a wrong website. When you continuously lose games and that can be any game out of the lot. Initially you might think that it may losing one or two games because you are not a seasoned player, however when it became a regular practice then it is a clear indication that you must get on to another website.
  4. No customer service: Usually a licensed website does offer their players customer service 24*7 and 365 days, however it has been observed that a fake website would never give you such services, even if they do for some time then the representatives would not be knowledgeable enough to assist you, they keep on giving you wrong information or may not attend your calls even in odd hours.
  5. No license number available: Although this is one of the first thing that you must check before you get registered to any of the website. Even if you missed, you must check the moment get to know that it is one of the most important things to be checked. If you do not find anything like that. Must get registered to an authorized website like bola putar, a genuine website will always mention their license number on the website or mention their register number in logo.