It is best to have more than one deck of cards available during a Poker game. Professional cards often come in two sets. It is helpful in case of a damaged card during play. If you are hosting a Poker Tournament, it is ideal to have at least three decks of cards. There are particular specifications you should understand before you buy playing cards.

Playing card size

The size of the card matters a lot when you are playing a game of Poker. It is vital to be comfortable during the game. There should be no discomfort when you deal or shuffle the cards. The standard industry size for Poker cards is 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Most players and dealers are comfortable with using this size. Bridge sized cards measure 2.25 x 3.5 inches.


This factor affects the gameplay. Readability is the index of cards, and there are two types of indexes in playing cards. The index is the size of the numbers or letters found on the face of the card.

  • Standard index

Newbies will find it challenging to look at this type, but it is the most common size. You can find it on all kinds of cards.

  • Jumbo index

Most casinos prefer these cards because players can read and look through them with ease. Jumbo index is a giant print.


This feature is the most noticeable between an outstanding quality card and a bad quality one. Easy shuffling is significant in playing Poker, and the cards must not slip from a player’s hand. The thickness should enable the player to hold the cards with ease. Some players prefer to use thin ones, while others want to use thick ones.

Graphic and design

Good-looking cards can be a bonus. Some people enjoy the game more if they are using cards that are good to look at and nice to the touch. The colors from the back should not reflect too much, and the design should be simple. Very bright colors can irritate some players, so this is an essential factor.

By a couple of different decks until you find the perfect cards for you. Make sure to keep your playing cards stored away from the heat in a dry area. Save the remaining cards if there is a damaged card from the deck. You can use them as replacement cards for other packs. If you have no available playing cards, you can try playing Capsa Susun until you can buy a deck.