Safety rules during live events

These security policies have been developed by the Poker Stars Live team. By taking part in any of the events, you agree to them. If you object to the following rules, please opt-out of the competition.

Safety rules

No criminal activities will be tolerated during live events. Appropriate measures will prevent this type of activity and, if detected, immediately stop it. All live events are subject to the general rules of the game, the regulations of the place where they take place, Domino Qiu Qiu  as well as local and international regulations. Persons who violate the regulations below may lose their right to continue to participate in the event and be asked to leave immediately.

Behavior  that we deem inappropriate or causing any threat will not be tolerated. Failure to fulfill this law may result in the break of the game, and they require to leave the party.

Persons who we identify as associated with suspected unlawful  ceme keliling online activities may lose their right to continue to participate in the event and be asked to leave immediately. Poker Stars Live and the host casino reserve the right to take – at their own discretion – steps against this type of person, including the ability to report this type of activity to law enforcement agencies.

Persons that we identify as associated with or involved in any suspected illegal activity, as well as persons giving reasonable grounds for suspicion, may be excluded from any event sponsored by any brand. Poker Stars Live reserves the right to prevent a participant from participating in any event for security reasons, if, for example, the participant has security breach episodes on his account, giving reasonable grounds for suspicion.

Poker Stars Live uses a confidential reporting channel that provides a thorough analysis of all security breaches. Any criminal evidence identified and / or collected during the investigation may be disclosed to authorized authorities for possible criminal proceedings.

Security during a live event and in-game premises

We want to make playing at Poker Stars-sponsored events and venues a positive experience. Therefore, for the safety of players, we recommend that you follow the rules below. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure safety during live events or games at the premises, but we suggest that you keep in mind the following tips. To the full extent permitted by law, we disclaim liability for any damage or loss suffered while participating in PokerStars-sponsored events, unless they are the result of our negligence.