Review for 99 Online Poker gaming site

The internet is full of gambling sites that introduce themselves as user-friendly and trustworthy gaming portals. Running a background check and reading detailed reviews is very important when it comes to choosing online gambling portal. Let’s take a look at some points to know more about Indonesia’s 99 Online Poker.

Rich gaming experience

Thanks to availability of high-end graphics, almost all the gaming sites try to offer the best possible gaming experience to their players. Gaming site poker online indonesia  graphics are so good that while playing, you may feel as if you are actually sitting next to the table with other players. Most of the site reviews also praise the gaming site’s graphics. Just make sure that your internet connection is fast.

The gaming site also offers an impressive Android app that works with both, smart phones and tablet PCs. But for better gaming experience, the site recommends users to use the app with device that has screen of at-least four inches.

99 Online Poker does not allow users to play demo game before registering. So, there is no way for new users to look at cutting-edge graphics and experience the game’s rich look before registering. But yes, the site does manage to offer value for money.

Multiple options to access customer service

In-order to offer personalized customer service experience, the gaming site offers multiple customer service channels. First, the site’s 24 hours chat helpline will welcome you as soon as you open the site in your browser. Plus, you can choose from a variety of customer service options like Whatsapp helpline number, email support, Blackberry messenger helpline, or text messaging helpline service. Reviews suggest, most of the players are satisfied with the online chat option, and that is the most preferred way of resolving complaints.

Anyway, the gaming portal’s rules are very simple. Just register with your name, mobile number, bank account details, select username password, and make initial deposit of 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah. The site is also clear about their policy regarding withdrawal of funds; you can withdraw your money once the balance reaches 25,000 Indonesian rupiah. So, with simple rules, you may not even require any help from customer service.

Payment processing

This is the era of credit crunch, and almost everyone is concerned while spending hard-earned money these days. 99 Online Poker understands this fact, and so they are very careful and impressive as far as managing the portal’s financial aspects in concerned.

The gaming portal has tie-up with Indonesia’s famous banks and financial institutions like BCA, BNI, Bank BRI, and Mandarin. The site has several layers of security to protect users’ data and to keep itself away from cyber attacks. This may sound weird, but due to security reasons, the company’s executives do not disclose the name of software security firm that manages their security aspects. According to the gaming portal’s existing users/ players the group is very prompt in processing payment. All the transactions like transfer of funds, withdrawal of funds, accepting deposit, etc. are completed within the given time-frame to offer the best experience possible.

Referral and bonus offers

As mentioned earlier, the gaming site offers the best experience to gamers, and it is obvious that these satisfied users will refer their friends and relatives to the site as well. Almost all the gaming portals offer lucrative referral schemes, but 99 Online Poker is one step ahead of everyone else . User can refer his or her friend and make hundreds of Indonesian Rupiahs in as referral bonus.